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 #ASTROSWAP Astronomical Launch Giveaway!

This sweepstakes ended on 1-29-2022 08:00 AM Dublin

 #ASTROSWAP Astronomical Launch Giveaway!

This sweepstakes will start on 1-26-2022 12:00 AM Dublin

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 #ASTROSWAP Astronomical Launch Giveaway!

🎉 #ASTROSWAP Astronomical Launch Giveaway - 1,000 Winners

🔥 In less than 24 hours the #ADAPad exclusive #AstroSwap will officially be launching the first tradeable interstellar DEX for Cardano! 

💸 We are ecstatic for this launch and the astronomical effect #ASTRO will have for the Cardano network, so much so we are going to be giving away $20K worth of $ASTRO!

✅ To participate, you just need to complete the simple steps here!

🌐 Stay tuned for all #ASTRO updates:

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