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BRC20DEX IDO Whitelist

This sweepstakes ended on 3-27-2024 05:00 AM Dublin

BRC20DEX IDO Whitelist

This sweepstakes will start on 1-3-2024 12:00 AM Dublin

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BRC20DEX IDO Whitelist


🎉 Introducing #BRC20DEX


🔥 With BRC-20 tokens now reaching over a monumental $3.3 BILLION market cap in 6 months with a booming ecosystem, the answer is here: the #BRC20DEX Exchange! The BRC20DEX has been specifically and purposefully designed to be the ultimate BRC-20 exchange!

🥇As the first one-click DEX on the BRC-20 network, this positions BRC20DEX to blast into this bull run as the revolutionary, headlining exchange for the BRC20 ecosystem!

❕️ BRC20DEX has countless, key advantages over traditional centralized exchanges and other decentralized exchanges.

Some of those being:
🔹True decentralisation
🔹Enhanced security
🔹Extremely low fees for spot trading
🔹Top launchpools
🔹Lightning fast swap functionality

🤯 BRC20DEX is growing rapidly with LIVE products already on testnet.


🌐 Official channels: