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Rattlesnake Cable Company / Hilbish Design Giveaway

This sweepstakes ended on 5-28-2022 11:45 PM Mountain Time

Rattlesnake Cable Company / Hilbish Design Giveaway

This sweepstakes will start on 5-8-2022 07:00 AM Mountain Time

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Rattlesnake Cable Company / Hilbish Design Giveaway

We're so excited to be working with our friends at Hilbish Design again! We love what Nathan does over there, so we are super stoked about this combined giveaway.

For this giveaway, they're giving up the Deathimizer, which is another collaboration with King Buzzo of the Melvins. The Deathimizer is a gnarly fuzz and lists for $230.

For our side, we're giving up a pair of 15' custom cables. You pick the cable type (standard or snake head), the weave color, and the Neutrik nickel plug configuration (retail value of $120).

The total retail value of this giveaway package is $350! Woot!

Here is the official description of the Hilbish Design Deathimizer

Introducing our newest and noisiest collaboration with King Buzzo from The Melvins...The Deathimizer! This is no transparent overdrive, amp like distortion, or smooth fuzz. The Deathimizer is a fuzz with ear drum wrecking highs stacked with an analog two octave down circuit for maximum chaos. Don’t expect H9000 tracking, the Deathimizer unpredictably blips, bloops, groans, and drones its way to give you the most brutal noise making machine possible. With the octave control off you have crusty fuzz tones that sound like rusty nails shooting from your speakers, as you mix in the two octave down signal you can conjure 8-bit leads, synth sounds, and unpredictable drones. 

Entry will be closed on May 28th For this give away we're also offering opportunities to earn extra entries. You will see those opportunities after initially entering the giveaway! Increase those odds!

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