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WIN up to a $2000 AMAZON GIFT CARD

This sweepstakes ended on 10-1-2022 10:00 PM Eastern Time

WIN up to a $2000 AMAZON GIFT CARD

This sweepstakes will start on 8-7-2022 12:00 AM Eastern Time

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WIN up to a $2000 AMAZON GIFT CARD


Gina Marie, Coach Mike & Ana Dee, The Professional Goddess, are giving away $1000 AMAZON GIFT CARD PLUS ADDITIONAL $1000 IN GIFT CARDS DAY OF! We just want to say thank you to all the  followers for helping us get to A-Lister! 

We're asking for your help to get us to A-Lister so share with family and friends! For this giveaway, IF YOU REFER A FRIENDS IT'S 20 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES!! 

MUST BE FOLLOWING ALL AMAZON PAGES BELOW TO ENTER! And must join us live to win full $1000 Amount, if you aren't present when your name is called only receive $500. 

We will be giveaway away more gift cards live!

We will be announcing the winner Live on Oct 1st, 8PM EST, plus additional giveaway if you tune in live!

Schedule a reminder to the live  here:

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