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Lightning Boy Audio - Thunder Knob Give Away

This sweepstakes ended on 9-18-2017 11:45 PM

Lightning Boy Audio - Thunder Knob Give Away

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Lightning Boy Audio - Thunder Knob Give Away

This is a great give away. This time it's for the Lightning Boy Audio - Thunder Knob. Thunder Knob is a high voltage vacuum tube overdrive. 

"The Thunder Knob is a new design, which is a huge evolutionary step from its predecessor, the Lightning Boy II.  The most significant advancement is the Thunder Knob is 9v DC powered.  Everyone wanted us to make a 9v powered pedal, while still being high voltage inside.  It took a bit for us to figure it out, but here it is!  The Thunder Knob boosts 9v DC to 190v DC (+/- 10%) internally thanks to our proprietary low noise DC to DC voltage booster.  Any standard 9v pedal adapter will work if it can output at least 350mA of current.    

A really cool new feature is the Thunder switch.  This switch toggles between "Normal" which is a mellow tone and a mild degree of distortion (think early stage of break up from a tube amp) and "Thunder," which offers increased distortion, treble, and volume.  Plus, when "Thunder" is engaged the Lightning Boy logo lights up!

The Thunder Knob offers very low noise, quiet true bypass switching, plenty of gain, and the inspiring Lightning Boy sound our fans have come to love."

This give away is open to international entries - but if chosen will be responsible for shipping charges/fees. US winners will have free shipping.