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Kick the Kibble Sweepstakes

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Kick the Kibble Sweepstakes

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Kick the Kibble Sweepstakes

Meat Meal? 4-D meat? Poultry Feces?

Do you know what’s in your dog’s kibble? The answer can be horrifying.  But have hope, it isn’t all bad news – there are easy ways to make sure you are doing right by your furry loved ones.

Big Kibble is a $75 billion dollar business globally. It is dominated by a few huge corporations, and a lack of regulation that allows for harmful ingredients in kibble, putting profits before pets.

For a decade we have been on a mission to help pet parents help make educated choices about what to feed their four-legged family members. Now through our book, Big Kibble: The Hidden Dangers of the Pet Food Industry and How to do Better by our Dogs, we hope to spread that mission far and wide and provide pet parents everywhere with the information they need to take charge of their pet’s health.

Kick-start your pet’s journey to wellness. Enter for your chance to win a signed copy of a book that will transform their life and $200 to put them on the path to better health.


Ten (10) winners will receive a signed copy of Big Kibble from the authors plus a $200 gift card to JustFoodForDogs.

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