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Pacific DeFi ($PACIFIC) IDO Whitelist - KCCPAD 

This sweepstakes ended on 9-17-2021 05:00 AM Dublin

Pacific DeFi ($PACIFIC) IDO Whitelist - KCCPAD 

This sweepstakes will start on 9-12-2021 12:00 AM Dublin

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Pacific DeFi ($PACIFIC) IDO Whitelist - KCCPAD 


Pacific DeFi ($PACIFIC)

🌐 #PacificDeFi is a new ecosystem which will unify the DeFI landscape. Pacific DeFi will provide an easy-to-use platform by leveraging multi-asset crypto financing capabilities on multiple blockchains. The product suite includes single-token yield-enhancement stablecoin and non-stablecoin vaults, lending & borrowing, leveraged vaults, and a launchpad for users to gain access to innovative DeFi projects.

📈 $PACIFIC's mission is to provide highly secure yield enhancement products for stablecoins and altcoins, offering users the ability to earn high risk-adjusted returns.

💸 IDO Date: Friday - September 17th

🔥Market Cap: $90K TGE

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