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#CrypCade IDO Whitelist - #PolyPad + #METAVPad + #BSCPad 

This sweepstakes ended on 4-19-2022 05:00 AM Dublin

#CrypCade IDO Whitelist - #PolyPad + #METAVPad + #BSCPad 

This sweepstakes will start on 3-3-2022 12:00 AM Dublin

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#CrypCade IDO Whitelist - #PolyPad + #METAVPad + #BSCPad 

Introducing CrypCade -  the "Uber and Airbnb of Arcade”, being an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem. Catering for both the high-risk players and the skilled gamers all in one platform, #CrypCade is a revolutionary redesign on original arcade systems, integrating skill and luck based gaming :rocket:

One of the unique features of the CrypCade platform is the future ability to allow dapp developers to deploy natively created dapps for monetization!

CrypArcade is based on skilled gamers, offering classic arcade games as well as high-graphic PvP games and tournaments. As well as this, there is also CrypCasino which caters to the high risk, thrill seeking players! 


Initial Market Cap: $400k

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