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MASD Whitelist - #BSCPAD + #GameZone + #NFTLaunch + #VelasPad + #PulsePad Exclusive

This sweepstakes ended on 4-30-2022 05:00 AM Dublin

MASD Whitelist - #BSCPAD + #GameZone + #NFTLaunch + #VelasPad + #PulsePad Exclusive

This sweepstakes will start on 3-17-2022 12:00 AM Dublin

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MASD Whitelist - #BSCPAD + #GameZone + #NFTLaunch + #VelasPad + #PulsePad Exclusive


PRESENTING #MASD! EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH ON #BSCPAD + #GameZone + #NFTLaunch + #VelasPad + #PulsePad

🎮 MASD GAMES is a 3D multiplayer shooter game using blockchain technology. Players have to complete challenges, buy equipment and destroy opponents. The gaming process is crystal clear: you are thrown onto the map, then you choose a weapon and that’s it — your aim is to survive! 💪🏻

💰The uniqueness of MASD is users’ ability to earn by playing. You just need to get the battle pass and join battles to start earning tokens. The earning mechanic is plain and simple for the player.

The MASD token allows players to obtain NFT’s, buy land and use battle passes, buy skins for avatars and weapons! 🔫

🗓 IDO Date: TBA

💰Initial Market Cap: $477.5k

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