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SafeAllocation Deal:

Announcing Onomy - 14th July

From the SafeLaunch Team

SafeLaunch had a successful IDO on the 5th of July selling out in under a minute, reaching number 2 on Dextools and peaking at 5x IDO price.

Now that we've successfully migrated from SFE to SFEX which went as smoothly as it could, we're ready to start announcing more projects for our community and this next one is HUGE:

Deal information

About Onomy

Onomy is a decentralized layer one protocol built to provide rails for the $6.6tn/day foreign exchange market to plug into DeFi. It's a forex marketplace to trade stablecoin pairs and access DeFi across all chains. Powered by Cosmos, Cardano, and Polkadot, it allows users to easily mint, trade, and lend stablecoins cross-chain and is the first of its kind.

Product - Onomy Network

Onomy Chain - Processing transactions and rewarding operators with native governance and utility token: NOM

Onomy Reserve - Governs the minting of stabilized virtual major currencies, named Denoms, utilizing NOM as collateral

Onomy Exchange - Baselayer DEX used to trade NOM and Denoms. Integrated with the Reserve for rebalancing of collateral ratios during times of distress. Scales to thousands of transactions per second and allows for high-frequency trading.

Key features

  • Easily mint, trade, and lend stablecoins cross-chain. Potential to tap into and even expand the HUGE stablecoin market
  • Opportunity to take a slice of the enormous global forex volume ($6.6 trillion per day)
  • A hybrid exchange solution combining both an automated market maker (AMM) and a traditional orderbook
  • Issue stablecoins (Denoms) in USD and other major currencies such as EUR and YEN
  • Use and transfer assets from multiple blockchains with a non-custodial Single Sign On wallet utilising proxy re-encryption
  • Arbitrage & yield opportunities - The Onomy Bridge Network enables cross-chain arbitrage between DEXs

Our deal

Private Round 2

Deal Size: $100,000

Price: $0.50

Vesting: Monthly over 8 months

Notable Investors

AU21 Capital, GD10 Ventures, Petrock Capital, Kyros Ventures, PNYX Ventures, Avalanche


Total NOM supply: 100m

Seed: 10%

Private rounds 1 & 2: 10%

Team: 20%

Ecosystem: 20%

Strategic reserve: 40%


  • Very experienced team with a strong background in both crypto hardware & software production and experience in launching successful ventures. It's rare to see a projects with this level of expertise.
  • An original idea - it will be the first of its kind.
  • Massive opportunity targeting $500B+ addressable market cap in Crypto and $6.6T+ per 24 hours in the Forex markets
  • The team uses TLA+ to mathematically prove its algorithms are correct. A rigorous approach that's not usually seen in most projects.


Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

Litepaper -

SafeLaunch tiers

Peddler - 300 SFEX - 1x Base Allocation

Hustler - 500 SFEX - 2x Base Allocation

Merchant - 1500 SFEX - 4x Base Allocation

Wholesaler - 3000 SFEX - 7x Base Allocation

Broker - 6000 SFEX - 10x Base Allocation

Tycoon - 24000 SFEX - 18x Base Allocation

Monopoly - 48000 SFEX - 50x Base Allocation

Find out more about tiers here

**A Snapshot will be taken for SFEX holders and you need to be holding SFEX**

Snapshot Date: July 13th