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Rattlesnake Cable Company / Seafoam Pedals - GDPR

This sweepstakes ended on 11-15-2019 11:45 PM

Rattlesnake Cable Company / Seafoam Pedals - GDPR

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Rattlesnake Cable Company / Seafoam Pedals - GDPR

I'm super excited to be working with Seafoam Pedals! A great company building effects from the gulf coast of Alabama. For this give away, they were kind enough to provide the Sea Foam Pedal Harpoon Overdrive (retails at $179). Very cool pedal with a small foot print.

We're going to give up a 15' custom cable with nickel plugs and a 6 pack of 6" Flex patch cables. You pick the weave color. You pick the type (snake head or standard) and you pick the plug configuration on the custom cable.

Total retail value of this give away package is $299! Woot!

Here is the official description of the Seafoam Pedal Harpoon Overdrive:

The Harpoon Overdrive is designed to make your guitar cut through the mix with smooth, mid-focused gain. Don’t let the size and simplicity fool you, this little guy has enough punch to make your amp cry “mercy” and all the clarity necessary to clean up with a lighter touch. The controls are few but the tone is plentiful, having just 2 knobs (level and drive) and a 3-way toggle that selects the range of emphasis: high-mids, narrow-mids, or low-mids. This update on a classic circuit features internal voltage doubling, a console-quality preamp, plenty of extra volume on tap, and soft-click true bypass switching.

- Made in the USA with top quality components
- Uses standard 9v DC power input, internally doubles to 18v
- Soft-click true bypass switching
- Wide gain range from clean to mean
- Up to 15db of boost
- Extremely touch-sensitive and responsive to dynamics
- Easy to use controls and 3 different voicing ranges help a variety of guitars and amps be tighter, punchier, and eq-ready to sit in a band mix

Entry will be closed on Nov 15th. For this give away we're also offering opportunities to earn extra entries. You will see those opportunities after initially entering the give away! Increase those odds!

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