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Desk Pop Gives It Up

This sweepstakes ended on 7-31-2024 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Desk Pop Gives It Up

This sweepstakes will start on 7-1-2024 12:00 AM Eastern Time

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Desk Pop Gives It Up

Our parents said this was a total waste when we started. They never thought we would amount to anything. Yet here we are; only three years and three of Joe’s maxed out credit cards later with over 100,000 internet strangers supporting our shenanigans.

So as a thank you to all our fans and followers (and because our manager told us to), we wanted to put something together to give back.

Win a Great Prize Package courtesy of PTR ($2000+ value) along with whatever else we decide to send out!

All you need to do is drop your email address to enter!

Bonus entries can be earned by subscribing to our Instagram, Youtube channel, and by visiting the websites. 

Sorry fellow Washington people, if you win you get everything you’re allowed  to have. We love you, thank you, good luck.

Thanks to all our friends at PTR, Arrowhead Tactical, Lynx Defense, Sightmark, Blackbeard, REAP weaponries, DieFreeCO, and Dip Fusion.

– The Desk Pop Boys