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World of Defish IGO - #GameZone & #BSCPAD

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World of Defish IGO - #GameZone & #BSCPAD

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World of Defish IGO - #GameZone & #BSCPAD

Are you ready to sail your way into the endless sea ahead? Are you brave enough to dive deep, deep into the heart of the ocean where countless treasures await your discovery? Grab your boats and fishing rods, it's time to immerse yourself in the underwater universe of World Of Defish!

World of Defish is a decentralized, play-to-earn, NFT gaming universe built on the Binance Smart Chain where brave and adventurous fishermen cant set forth on a journey to search for the highly desired NFT fish! When the fish are caught players can stake for passive income, sell on the Defish Market, or even use them as bait to catch more rare NFT fish! Fishermen will even be able to purchase NFT zones where fishing can earn passive income from all the catch that takes place in their NFT territory! Every item in game, such as fishing equipment and fish, have their own characteristics, quality, and rarity!

World of Defish will include a multitude of novel features such as: a ranking system where players can compete with one another and even open up a competitive segment in the game, a guild system where powerful communities can be built, and crafting mechanics for players who are ready to invest their time on the seas before their money!


Initial Marketcap: $369K

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