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Sharing Is Caring Giveaway

This sweepstakes ended on 11-24-2019 12:00 AM

Sharing Is Caring Giveaway

This sweepstakes will start on 11-13-2019 03:30 PM

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Sharing Is Caring Giveaway

What are the holidays for if not sharing the joy with friends and family? And by joy, we mean authentic, hand-wrapped tamales filled with slow-cooked meats and other flavorful fillings, of course.

So this time around, we're giving you the chance to win for yourself AND a loved one! In honor of Thanksgivingwe're choosing two (2) hungry winners to receive a $100 gift card and a Party Pack filled with Del Real tamales, salsas, swag!

And another Party Pack to gift to a person of their choosing!

Look at how generous you are. Cast your entry by 11/24/2019 for a chance to win. Winner will be announced on Monday, 11/25 — just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Gobble, gobble, and good luck!