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GameZone Anniversary Giveaway!

This sweepstakes ended on 10-19-2022 12:00 AM Dublin

GameZone Anniversary Giveaway!

This sweepstakes will start on 9-24-2022 12:00 AM Dublin

Sorry, this campaign is not available in your location.

GameZone Anniversary Giveaway!

🎁#GameZone’s anniversary gifts - Win a Playstation 5!

Gamers! As part of our 1st year anniversary campaign, we have multiple giveaways! 

This is in the current lootbox:

▪️1x Playstation 5 Digital Edition

▪️1x Playstation 5 hardware starter kit

▪️5x 1000 $GZONE

Here is how to participate:

▪️Increase your staking balance by 2000 $GZONE or more (you can either buy and stake $GZONE or stake accumulated staking rewards)

▪️Complete KYC (if needed)

▪️Sign up below and complete ALL tasks

The rules:

▪️Everybody with a KYC'ed wallet can participate! 

▪️Participation period: October 3rd - October 18th 5 AM UTC

▪️A snapshot of staking balances has been made today at 5 AM UTC

▪️Winners will be picked and announced on October 18th!

▪️Instructions for winners will be shared on October 18th on our official Twitter ONLY - stay safe, don’t fall for scams!

🍀Good luck!

🎮Follow GameZone for the latest news on the celebration!