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Eddmate Airdrop Contest! 🎁

This sweepstakes ended on 14-8-2022 11:59 PM Lisbon

Eddmate Airdrop Contest! 🎁

This sweepstakes will start on 15-7-2022 12:00 AM Lisbon

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Eddmate Airdrop Contest! 🎁

Our first platform will be the first Decentralized Launchpad for Real Estate ever built in history.
The platform is going to be used to raise money in order to acquire real estate properties in Asia and distribute the profits generated by the properties to its investors.
In order to get access to our launchpad Investment opportunities, users are required to buy and lock a certain amount of our native token EDD in our VIP page.
In order to give the opportunity to all investors to join our project, we created 3 VIP tiers with different benefits and requirements.
We are going to have a dashboard filled with Real Estate Investment Opportunities (REIO) where users can invest and get a share of the asset and be entitled to its profits.

We have prepared  the following Tasks in order for you to get our airdrop 😉

✅ Linktree

✅ Whitepaper

✅ Twitter

✅ Telegram

✅ Instagram

Just enter your Email and Wallet Address to be able to earn a share of 10.000.000,00 $EDD Tokens!