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#CrossSwap ETHPAD IDO Whitelist

This sweepstakes ended on 8-27-2021 05:00 AM UTC

#CrossSwap ETHPAD IDO Whitelist

This sweepstakes will start on 8-10-2021 12:00 PM UTC

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#CrossSwap ETHPAD IDO Whitelist


#CrossSwap - A revolutionary DEX 👾 

💡 The first IDO on #ETHPad will change the current DEX landscape for years to come, with features never seen before. It will solve the biggest issues hindering users and projects experience on current DEXs today!

⛓️ Unifying the cross-chain trading experience by allowing you to swap and bridge across EVERY major network from one single platform!

🔐 Automatic liquidity locking

When a project adds liquidity, CrossSwap automatically locks the liquidity to help ensure the safety of project participants

🌉 Exclusive bridge access for newly launched tokens on the BlueZilla ecosystem

🤖 CrossSwap will be integrated with BlueZilla antibot methodology putting more tokens in the every day traders pocket

✅ CrossSwap will have built in functionality to discourage front running and liquidity sniping bots from profiting on users and taking advantage of projects.

💯 Backed by the full force of the BlueZilla marketing department and large dedicated community and fan base we have built 

💵 Initial TGE Market Cap: $50,000

📅 IDO DATE: August 27th, 2021

👉 #CROSSSWAP Official links:



▪️Telegram Ann: