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Soft On Demand  S-Passport Whitelist Giveaway Event

This sweepstakes ended on 5-31-2022 01:00 PM Seoul

Soft On Demand  S-Passport Whitelist Giveaway Event

This sweepstakes will start on 5-10-2022 10:00 PM Seoul

Sorry, this campaign is not available in your location.

Soft On Demand  S-Passport Whitelist Giveaway Event

Soft On Demand  S-Passport NFT Whitelist and 5,000USDT GIveaway Event

1. Tell your friends about the S-Passport

2. Post S-Passport on Twitter

3. Follow Twitter

4. Join our Discord server

5. Leave your Email & DIscord ID

If you become S-Passport's Whitelist, you can participate in the pre-sale!


Those who have participated through Viralsweep will automatically be registered to Whitelist spots and USDT airdrop lottery.

A total of 420 participants will win the prize in the viral event. 

The event detail is as follows

* The calculation in the event will be based on the 'entries' obtained by the participants.

Top 20 - 1 whitelist spot each 1 person

USDT airdrop

*Over 50 entries (100 participants by lottery)- USDT 20$ (trc20)

*Over 10 entries (300 participants by lottery) - USDT 10$ (trc20)

* A total of 20 whitelist spots and 5,000 USDT  will be awarded in the viral event. SODPortal follows GDPR regulations. Therefore, user-Data applied for the event will irretrievably be destroyed within one month after the event end date in accordance with related regulations.