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Karma Sauce Recipe Contest

This contest ended on 3-15-2021 11:59 PM

Karma Sauce Recipe Contest

This contest will start on 3-1-2021 12:00 AM

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Karma Sauce Recipe Contest

Our sauce is reaching more taste buds than ever, which means more and more unique variations on how to cook with Karma. We want to see (and taste) exactly what you've been rustling up, so we've thrown together a recipe contest open to the entire community. If your recipe is chosen, you'll get 8 free bottles of Karma Sauce (tasters choice) and your name will live in infamy on our recipe blog

But in order to make things interesting, we're setting some ground rules*: 

  1. All submissions must feature either Bad Karma, Ghost Island, or Cherry Bomb.
  2. There's just too many hot sauce recipes with poultry, so we're excluding poultry-based recipes. That's right. No. Clucken. Chicken.  The accepted categories are beef, saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and vegan.  Time to think outside the box! 
  3. The recipes for each ingredient category will be judged on a 1-5 scale using the following criteria: 
    1. Simplicity (easily replicable) [25% Weighted]
    2. Creativity/Uniqueness [25% Weighted]  
    3. Visual appeal (the more attractive the images/videos, the better!) [25% weighted] 
    4. Popular Vote: The submissions can be voted on by the community using the "view submissions" button above. [25% weighted]
  4. The top 3 recipes in each category will than be evaluated for overall taste. The best tasting dish in each category will be declared the winner. 

Our mouths are watering already. Good luck! 

* You can view a more detailed description of the rules using the "View Rules" button below. 

[Have additional photos or video? Email them to alex.kleinman@karmasauce.com with your recipe name in the title]