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Jerry's $51k Artist Merit and Achievement Awards

This contest ended on 4-30-2019 11:59 PM

Jerry's $51k Artist Merit and Achievement Awards

This contest will start on 4-15-2019 12:00 AM

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Jerry's $51k Artist Merit and Achievement Awards

What is your achievement? Share your story!

  • We are giving away with the help of the Jerry Goldstein Foundation, Jerry's Artarama and its sponsors a minimum of $51,000* (102 artists x $500 each) to artists with great personal stories, incredible talent and/or unique creativity and achievements.  
  • Jerry always liked a good personal story and we hope that you share one with us.  No matter if you have achieved immense success, are still struggling or are a student wanting to go to art school your story is important to us! 
  • Share your story inspiring story, achievement or even how you have helped others or taught art
  • Please include an image: Of you teaching art, or your artwork. 1 photo submission allowed to along with your story - Your photo must be of art 
  • Entry Period: April 22nd – April 29th, 2019 
  • Total Prize Amount: $51,000 (102 Artists will receive $500)
  • Please note: your photo and story will be displayed publicly on our gallery wall
  • NOTE: WE are not able to edit your entry once it is submitted. Please make sure your entry, image and text is all correct before you hit submit