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2023 Atlas Restoration Contest

This contest ended on 12-31-2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time

2023 Atlas Restoration Contest

This contest will start on 8-9-2023 12:00 AM Eastern Time

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2023 Atlas Restoration Contest

Enter to win an Atlas Preservation GIFT CARD! We're giving away $1500+ in total prizes. 
Submission deadline is 12/31/23

ABOUT THE CONTEST: We're hosting our third annual Atlas Preservation CONTEST! We're switching it up and offering SEVEN different categories this time around. Send us your best BEFORE & AFTER photos of a restoration project that you have completed in any one of the following categories using products sold by Atlas Preservation:

  1. Gravestone + Monument Cleaning
    •  with D/2 Biological Solution, Pre-Lim, Cleanstone, Sparks, etc.
  2. Gravestone + Monument Repair
    • with Akemi epoxy, Tenax epoxy, Atlas Monument Repair Kit, Setting Compound, Otterbein Mortar, etc.
  3. Window Restoration
    • using Sarco Window Glazing Putty, Illbruck, etc.
  4. Graffiti Removal
    • using Elephant Snot, Akemi, etc.
  5. General Masonry Cleaning + Restoration
    • using EaCo Chem, D/2 Biological, Diedrich, etc.
  6. Kitchen & Household Treatment / Project / Repair
    • using Bellinzoni, Akemi, Tenax, Pratley, Milliput etc. (for example, rust + spot removal from kitchen counter, enhancing + sealing bathroom vanity, repair porcelain decor)
  7. Linseed Oil and/or Linseed Oil Paint Project
    • using Atlas Preservation + Ottosson linseed oil & varnish products

CONTEST & PHOTO RULES: All criteria below must be met for your submission to be valid and considered.

  1. SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES: You can upload them below, or email us at sales@atlaspreservation.com! *please note that if you email your submission, please include details for #b-e below*
  2. SPECIFY WHICH CONTEST YOU ARE ENTERING: Define which contest you are entering (#1-7 above)
  3. TIMELINE: Project must be performed any time in 2023. Contest deadline is December 31st, 2023
  4. 'AFTER' PHOTO must have the date written somewhere in / on the photo
  5. PRODUCTS: Specify which products you used in your project. Products must be sold by Atlas Preservation
  6. UNLIMITED ENTRIES: Feel free to submit as many entries as you would like in different contest categories!
  7. DEADLINE: Submission deadline is December 31st, 2023

TIPS & TRICKS: Highly recommended

  • Include which products are being used in at least one photo
  • Lighting is key! Make sure to take your before and after photos in good lighting
  • Consistency! We recommend taking your before and after pictures in the same spot, at the same angle, at the same time of day
  • Add a 'project in progress' photo to your submission

PRIZES: Over $1500+ in Atlas Gift Cards!

  • 3 winners will be chosen for each contest category
  • Each winner will receive a $75 Atlas Gift Card


  • Atlas Preservation reserves the right to choose winners at their discretion
  • Atlas Preservation has the right to use all images submitted for future promotion

Good luck, have fun, and tag us @atlaspreservation on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, TikTok and Twitter on your restoration project adventures!

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