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Our First-Ever Design Contest! 

This contest ended on 6-21-2019 11:59 PM

Our First-Ever Design Contest! 

This contest will start on 6-4-2019 12:00 AM

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Our First-Ever Design Contest! 

For her 100th day of school my daughter and I designed a pretty darn cute shirt consisting of 100 images of our dog Jimmy. Fifty on the front, fifty on the back. She drew about ten Jimmies and I arranged them into (a not particularly sophisticated) blob of a layout. I shared a picture of it on Facebook and guess what: A handful of people liked it enough that they actually asked if they could get one! Between this and all the messages we get from the amazing Free To Be Kids community with awesome ideas for new designs, I got to thinking about starting to do design contests. 

We’ve never done an open call out for design ideas before and we’ve certainly never opened it up for voting! But I’m SO excited to give this a whirl. Here goes: 

  1. This is a kids contest, but parents: You’ll need to submit the designs and ideas on behalf of your minor kiddos. 

  2. No, they don’t have to be designers or even artists! They can roughly sketch out their idea or simply submit a slogan concept. (See below for examples.)

  3. After you submit your entry, it will be added to our voting gallery. 

  4. Voting starts 14 days after the contest opens. We’ll remind you to tell your friends!

  5. The person who submits the winning design will win $XXX of store credit at Free To Be Kids or $XXX and we’ll work with our designers to turn your submission into the next Free To Be Kids shirt! 

  6. Contest opens TKTK date. Voting begins TKTK date. Winner announced TKTK date.