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Become Shack Famous!

This contest ended on 11-30-2021 11:59 PM

Become Shack Famous!

This contest will start on 9-30-2021 12:00 AM

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Become Shack Famous!

Be one of 12 images to be featured in FlexRadio's

calendar in 2022.  

Photo Tips: 

1. Sharp Photos Only | Make sure the images you upload are not blurry. Blurry images make it hard for us to show off your amazing shack.

2. Take a Step or Three Back | If you're trying to show your entire station, make sure you take a horizontal picture and you stand far enough back to take a wide shot. We want to see everything!

3. Mobile Usage is Great | If you can, show us how you interact with your radio from a mobile platform. If you're in a remote location that makes it even cooler.

4. Multiple Images | We know you love your shack, but we have to limit your upload to 3 photos max.

5. Size Matters | Make sure your photos are big enough. We've got plenty of space to store them so don't be shy and send us that picture that's well over 2000px wide.

By uploading your photo, you are giving FlexRadio permission to use this content for marketing purposes and may be highlighted in the FlexRadio 2022 annual calendar.