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Best of Burien Awards 2019

This contest ended on 2-12-2019 12:00 PM

Best of Burien Awards 2019

This contest will start on 2-6-2019 12:00 PM

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Best of Burien Awards 2019

Educator of the Year - A professional educator in Burien who goes above and beyond for their students and continues to bring their own special flair and passion for educating others.

Best Coffee - A local Burien coffee hub that serves excellent coffee beverages and provides superior customer service every time.

Non-Profit of the Year - This is in recognition of a local Burien non-profit organization that continually supports the local Burien area and community.

Volunteer of the Year - A local Burien volunteer who goes above and beyond their commitments to the Burien community by continuing to encourage others and put the community before themselves.

Business Leader - This is Discover Burien’s highest honor. This person is a local Burien business leader who continually leads by example and continues to contribute to the local community. This person is not only passionate about their own business succeeding, but the success of other businesses in the community.

Community Event - This is an event that is not only fun to attend, but also promotes inclusion for all and a community atmosphere.

Public Servant - A notable city or county employee (in safety, security, health or city administration) who goes above and beyond the call of duty for the local community of Burien.

Employee of the Year - This local Burien employee is a wonderful example of superior job performance and is also an amazing supporter of the local Burien community.

Jeff Kearney Award - This award is dedicated to the beloved special needs worker, Jeff Kearney, who worked with Discover Burien around eight years and was hit by a car and suffered severe brain damage. Throughout Jeff’s working within the Burien community, he continued to go above and beyond every single day. The Jeff Kearney Award is awarded to someone who follows his example of hard work and dedication to the local Burien community that is developmentally disabled.