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AWESome Sweepstakes– Let us Know What YOU Want to Hear for a chance to Win $150 LED Lights

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AWESome Sweepstakes– Let us Know What YOU Want to Hear for a chance to Win $150 LED Lights

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AWESome Sweepstakes– Let us Know What YOU Want to Hear for a chance to Win $150 LED Lights

Here’s what we’re planning to cover in the upcoming episodes – please select what you’d most like to hear.

  1. Clean Energy & our kids: The impact of climate change on our children’s physical and mental health – and what we can do to help them cope and deal with the fear.
  2. Solar for your Home: Over 90% of homeowners have or are now considering solar. Whether it is better to Own, take a Loan, Lease, or Pay for Performance. What happens when you buy or sell a house with solar, especially if you have a long term contract. And… How you can gain the financial and environmental benefits with Community Solar – even if you can’t put a solar system on your property.
  3. Ground Source, or Geothermal Heat: How to use the 55 degrees of heating & cooling that is under our feet in the ground. How Geothermal costs are down, how the science & standardized engineering has improved, and various cost-saving options. As examples, we’ll discuss how St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC put in geothermal, how the new Cornell University at The Bloomberg Center on Roosevelt Island in NYC is also net zero with solar & geo, and how an affordable housing complex in a NYC suburb provides heat for 10% than natural gas and provides their tenants with Air Conditioning for only $10 a month.. We’ll also describe how geo is the best solution for new construction of homes & commercial spaces. How the geothermal wells under the footprint of almost any building, anywhere, can supply 100% of the heating, cooling and hot water for buildings as tall as 30 stories.
  4. Clean Transportation: How there are over 50 electric cars on the market today, with models from every manufacturer and exponential growth worldwide. How utility, state and federal cash and tax incentives make many EVs cheaper to buy than gas equivalents. How 98% of most people’s trips are <50 miles – and how you can just plug your EV into a regular electric socket for virtually all of your daily travel – Only 20 moving parts instead of 2000, no oil or transmission Fluids to change, no explosions under your hood.  Zero-60 in 3 to 5 seconds. AND…How you can use certain Electric cars as an emergency generator to power your entire house for up to 5 days. AND wait – there’s more - while your e-car is parked, how  in several states this coming Spring you turn certain electric car into a money machine and earn $3k-$9k/year with by having your car battery discharge into the electric grid.
  5. Clean Public Transportation: The opportunities and advocacy for school & public buses. How one city in China has more ELECTRIC buses than the public bus fleets of NY, Chicago & LA COMBINED. Quiet and emission free– they can also be used as mobile emergency power sources during extreme weather events and blackouts.
  6. Clean Energy Jobs: How 3.5 Million Americans work in the clean energy industry, and how that is already more than fossil fuels (or even more than all the teachers, or all the bartenders & waiters). And the job opportunities for you or your children.
  7. Clean Energy Entrepreneurs who are creating innovative business models.
  8. Job Opportunities with Large Scale Solar & Wind projects.
  9. Employee Empowerment: How employees are getting their employers to adopt clean energy in the workplace– and getting their lobbyists and trade associations to advocate for clean energy in state and federal government policy.
  10. Clean Energy & Environmental Justice: How asthma rates in environmental justice communities are as high as 25%, and how clean energy is making communities healthier, and providing new job opportunities to their residents.
  11. Local Efforts: How dozens of communities have changed their local zoning laws so that all new construction is fossil-fuel-free, and how you can get yours to do the same.
  12. Community Choice Aggregation: How coming together with your neighbors can provide the group-purchasing power to lower your energy costs and secure more clean energy for everyone in your community.
  13. Homeowner Case Studies:what homeowners like you did to move to clean energy for their electricity, heating & transportation.

Let us know below for your chance to win an LED Light Fixture. Your response will determine the future episodes of AWESome EarthKind!